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Soil Savants

Analysis (Leaf) - Genus: HEMP / Cannabis S. | Segment Issues Early

Analysis (Leaf) - Genus: HEMP / Cannabis S. | Segment Issues Early

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AI-Powered Diagnostics to Revitalize Your Research | Bonus Benefit - Get A Chance To See Past Pest Damage

Actionable Insights To Boost Your Yields

*Small labs seeking to elevate their capabilities, connect with us for exclusive pricing discounts!

How It Works:

Image Submission: "Start by capturing and submitting an image of your plant. Whether you're a professional researcher or hobbyist  - we'll work for you."
Intelligent Analysis: "Our AI analyzes your image, identifying signs of nutrient deficiencies or other abnormalities using advanced machine learning and vision models."
Weighted Nutrient Distribution: "Receive a detailed breakdown of potential nutrient imbalances. Our algorithm calculates a weighted distribution - providing actionable insights."
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