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Soil Savants

Analysis (Leaf) - Genus: HEMP / Cannabis S. | Segment Issues Early

Analysis (Leaf) - Genus: HEMP / Cannabis S. | Segment Issues Early

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AI-Powered Diagnostics to Revitalize Your Research | Bonus Benefit - Get A Chance To See Past Pest Damage

Actionable Insights To Boost Your Yields

*Small labs seeking to elevate their capabilities, connect with us for exclusive pricing discounts!

How It Works:

Image Submission: "Start by capturing and submitting an image of your plant. Whether you're a professional researcher or hobbyist  - we'll work for you."

Intelligent Analysis: "Our AI analyzes your image, identifying signs of nutrient deficiencies or other abnormalities using advanced machine learning and vision models."

Weighted Nutrient Distribution: "Receive a detailed breakdown of potential nutrient imbalances. Our algorithm calculates a weighted distribution - providing actionable insights."

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    Unlock the Secrets Hidden in Pixels: Enhancing Precision through Innovative Technology.

    One of the tools we use is a type of deep learning framework.

    This special kind of model is really good at dealing with images made up of lots of tiny pixels.

    It's great at finding patterns in these images, which can be super helpful for things like identifying plant abnormalities.

    The data we use to train our models comes from a large and constantly growing collection of information that we've gathered over time.